Scan60 problems

Dear Users,'s main website had problems, was in need of serious upgrading and we had to take it down.

Although you can no longer login here, all our feeds are still available directly from the IceCast streamer (

We are also working to provide the feeds via the Broadcastify Service at (

We understand this is very inconvenient for users and can assure you we are doing all we can to get things back as quickly as possible.

All the best and again, our sincere appologies.

Contact us via email to if you have any questions.

Feed 1 White Plains
approx. location 41.010° N 73.700° W
Freq Description
046.260 Westchester County, Fire Dispatch (60-Control)
046.140 Westchester County, Fire
046.420 Westchester County, Fireground
033.960 Westchester County, Fire Alert
472.250 West Harrison Fire
046.500 Yonkers FD, Station Alerts
485.712 Yonkers FD, Fire Ops
453.500 White Plains Fire

Feed 2 Southern Westchester and WCDES Trunk South Zone
approx. location 41.02° N 73.869° W
Freq Description
Left Channel
046.26 Westchester County, Fire Dispatch (60-Control)
046.14 Westchester County, Fire
472.250 UHF link to 46.26 Westchester County, Fire
453.975 UHF link to 46.06 Westchester County, Fire
033.96 Westchester County, Fire Alert
Right Channel
046.52 Ardsley Fire/EMS
156.225 Tarrytown Fire/EMS
153.98 Elmsford Fire/EMS
453.187 Hastings Fire/EMS
155.835 Dobbs Ferry EMS
476.2125 WCDES Trunk South Zone
All WCDES Fire/EMS Talkgroups

Feed 3 Yonkers
approx. location 40.940° N 73.800° W
Freq Description
Left Channel
046.500 Yonkers Fire (Dispatch)
484.712 Yonkers Fire (Operations)
046.260 Yonkers Fire/County
Right Channel
154.145 Mount Vernon FD (F1 Primary)
153.770 Mount Vernon FD (F2)
153.830 Mount Vernon FD (F3)
154.340 Eastchester Fire (Dispatch)
453.675 Eastchester Fire (Operations)
154.100 Scarsdale Fire
460.462 New Rochelle Fire
046.060 Pelham Fire, Greenville Fire District, Pelham Manor Fire

Feed 4 Northern Westchester
approx. location N41° 15 W73° 41
Freq Description
Left Channel
476.2125 WCDES Trunk North Zone
All WCDES Fire/EMS Talkgroups
Right Channel
151.5350 Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps (LVAC)
North Salem VAC (NSVAC)
Westchester Emergency Medical Service (WEMS) Dispatch
453.9875 West Co. Fire Ground 4
463.6750 LVAC mobile units
452.8750 NSVAC repeater link to 151.5350
453.3500 Fire 33.96 UHF repeater link
453.5620 Fire 46.26 UHF repeater link
453.9750 Fire 46.06 UHF repeater link
46.2600 60-Control Dispatch (F1)
33.9600 60-Control Dispatch (F2)
46.42 Fire Ground (F3)
33.96 Fire Ground (F4)
468.2750 New Westchester EMS
468.2875 New Westchester EMS
460.2375 Katonah FD
154.2200 Somers FD District-wide
463.0000 Stat-Flight (ground to air)
468.0000 Stat-Flight (air to ground)